Cargo insurance

All freight traffic activities are associated with possible material losses – damage, wreck or loss of cargo due to different circumstances.

We involve those carriers in the freight traffic activities which have CMR insurance contracts.

Besides, we always offer to our clients – cargo owners to arrange cargo insurance for each cargo consignment. Typically, that is category A insurance (against all risks). Cargo insurance allows the cargo owner to be sure that in any case of partial or complete damage to the goods in transportation, the client’s property interests will remain protected. The cost depends on the route, the type of transportation, and the type of cargo itself.

We treat every cargo consignment carefully; however, there are always some risks when transporting cargos. Sometimes external factors that are beyond our control or cannot be predicted can cause damage or loss of the goods.

Even in case of damage to the cargo, our insurance service will make the process of obtaining compensation much easier. The owner of the cargo is always the beneficiary under the insurance contract (certificate).