Customs logistics

Customs logistics (customs clearance) is an important area that is directly related to transportation of cargos, optimization of the customs clearance and control of the material flows. Customs logistics appears where the global logistics networks of foreign trade are formed. As a rule, support for customs clearance of cargos begins in advance, since it is important to determine the need for execution of all the necessary export and/or import documents, depending on the requirements of the customs, type of goods and terms of delivery according to the Incoterms.

We carry out customs clearance in the countries of the EU, Asia, North and Latin America:

  • execution of the EX1, AE export declarations
  • T2 transit procedure
  • execution of the international consignment note (CMR), sea waybill, air waybill, Carnet TIR, Carnet ATA
  • execution of the relevant certificates (Euro 1, certificate of origin, etc.) in the countries of the goods origin
  • consultations on execution of all accompanying documents (import – export )